Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pokemon News for Card Game Players

Hello all.

We have some big news for card game players.

on the 17th of this month we will be having the Pokemon Black and White Pre-release.

the cost will be $30 and will include everything you need to start playing the game. That being said any cards that you get in the Tournament you will get to keep.

Remember that Pre-Release rules do apply though. You may have more than 4 of any card in a deck as well as having only a 40 card deck. remember to register early as we only have room for 16 people. They usually do get filled early.

anyway thats only 1/2 of the news.

I would like to announce to people that we are happy to be the official host of the 2011 Adelaide Victory Roads.

This is a premier event that allows trainers to get more of a ranking as well as great prizes from Pokemon USA.

Prizes include

1st: Victory Medal Card and 18 boosters
2nd: 9 boosters
3rd: 4 boosters
4th: 4 boosters 

Further information will be given out as it happens. 

Hope to see you on Sunday

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