Sunday, January 30, 2011

DS Tournament and Dice Sale

Letting people know if next weeks update

Next week is DS week. We will be having a sale on the hour every hour.

DS information

You will need a copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

You will need no items in your underground backpack

There will be a List of items to obtain in the underground, you will get these and find 2 of my 3 secret bases in the game..

There is no cost to the tournament but we will be giving away 2 packs to the one that completes it first..

This starts at 7:30am and continues all day.

The sale is what we call a dice sale.

We will have a list of sale numbers.

On each hour we will roll a dice and the corresponding number will be what sale we have on for that hour.. This will start at 8am and go on until 12.

Remember we close at 1pm.

This weekend 30.1.2011

Just reminding people that this weekend we will unfortunately be closed. We will be back open in the 6th.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pokemon Call of Legends

I have just completed getting ready for the Pokemon Call of Legends Pre release..

The Pre release is set for the 13th of Feb, included are 6 booster packs of the Call of Legends set. A Pre release card. As well as prizes.

Remember to register on to get your POP ID number, get one from us on the day or use your existing POP ID.

Cost us $30 and even includes the energy cards.. Thats right you don't need to bring anything.

Just make sure you come early. We open at 7am on the Sunday and start at 9am. We should have spots for 16 players as well so first come first serve.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just ordered

Just ordered for next week.

Pokemon HGSS Triumphant
Pokemon HGSS Undaunted

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Ancient Prophecy

Is all goes well we should receive them for next week

If there is anything else you think we need. Please leave a comment,

Next week we will have great prizes for our 9am Pokemon tournament. 8 or more players mean better prizes.

Location:Port Wakefield Rd,Gepps Cross,Australia

Happy 2nd Birthday to us

That's right. On the eve of our 2nd birthday we have decided to make a blog.

Each week we will try and document different apexes of what we are. Our tournaments and players.

Today's tournament started at 9am with several people coming in to a Pokemon tournament. Most people here play tournaments with 3 prizes to allow us to have ample time for games. Best of 3 games winner gets the points and gets in to the next round against other winners. We use the TOM system provided by to help us.

Tournaments for us are a big draw card. With a tournament each week we seek to get players not only buying our cards but also trading and using the against us and other card players. We think hope that we are considered the place to be for Pokemon in Adelaide..

Location:Produce Ln,Pooraka,Australia