Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For June 2011

Hi All

We have been doing some great things in the past month with the Pre-release for Black and White as well as battle Roads but we have exciting things happening from this month

Each week we will be running a tournament of some sort. Mainly Pokemon but at the end of the month we will be restarting Yu-Gi-Oh! also we will be looking in to other games that people will want to play.

Starting from this week and until the final week we will be running Pokemon Tournaments from 9/9:30am. These tournaments will be inclusive of all legal cards as well as the Black and White cards.

Please note that only at official BIG tournaments will black and white chards not be able to be used. Unfortunately at present we have no big tournaments but we will keep you updated.

We do have some good/bad news though. We will be trying to reduce the price of Holographic cards within the store, this however means that trade values will not be as much as they have been previously.

Anyway. Thats some of the updates more will be announced later this month

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pokemon Battle Roads 2011

Hi to Everyone. 

I would like to remind you all that this weekend we have the Pokemon Battle Roads tournament being held at RH Gaming. 

Now is the time to test to see how well your decks stand up to champions of past and present. 

Remember to get in early as we are expecting quite alot of people and we do need to start at 9am. But also if you have any friends of family that also want to play. Bring them along. 

Just remember. 

All players DO need to bring a deck list. This includes a list of all cards in your deck (along with set, age group and POP ID Number) 

Also please remember that for battle roads and nationals, Black and White cards are unable to be played. 

A list of all tournament legal cards is available at 

Hope to see you there.