Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Call of legends Pre-release

Hi again.

Jon here with a brief update on Sunday's Pre release.

As everyone should know by now our Pokemon Call of Legends was unavoidably delayed due to the shipment of the boosters. This was reproduce last week and we were able to have our prerelease last weekend.

We had 14 players and it seemed that except for a single problem at the end of the day ( which will be explained after) everyone had a great time.

As for problems. I would like to remind people that it is YOUR responsibility to keep your items with you at all times. We had an incident where someone lost their prerelease deck.

Fortunately and to the credit of all of other players and staff we were able to provide the person in question with a substitute deck. But again we ask that all of our players keep their decks with them at all times.

Since then the player did find their prerelease deck and we all were happy to help during the time. It's not nice to lose any decks. I should know.

Anyway now that all the decks have been found we hope that everyone can get their Pokemon decks up and running. Integrating the new set.

See you on Sunday.

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